This is a short list of modern artists that are in my attention. So If you are looking for subjects of: messianic art, judaic arts, Israeli arts, modern christian art, contemporary christian painters, christian painters, contemporary christian art, modern religious art paintings Enjoy !

Michael Dudash  A born-again Christian artist whose artwork is turning to Christian themes as he paints to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Check out the Christian gallery on his site.

Weistling, Morgan Painter / illustrator in oil of figures, some in historic costume and romantic settings. 

Ron Dicianni Enjoy the paintings and biblical art of Christian painter Ron DiCianni. Ron’s aim is to “bring people face-to-face with Jesus Christ through paintings”; I believe you will agree that he has accomplished his goal.

Tomas Kinkade The art and paintings of one of the nations most collected living artists.  Mr. Kinkade credits the Lord for the inspiration and ability to create his paintings.

Christina Saj This modern Christian artist shares her wonderful modern interpretations of icon paintings. Her faith in Jesus Christ is shared and celebrated in her amazing collection of paintings, mixed media, and drawings.

Edward Knippers The devout Christianity of Edward Knippers as reflected in his inspiring paintings, sets him apart from many other contemporary artists. Knippers’ fresh and vibrant style will keep you clicking and clicking as you explore his expression of faith through his art.

Rosemarie Adcock   You will be amazed and inspired by the rich and imaginative Christian fine art paintings of Rosemarie Adcock. Hercurrent work is a series of biblical and allegorical oil paintings exploring rich color, lush garden settings and expressive figures. You really need to see this amazing gallery collection!

John Freeman Visit John Freeman’s site and enjoy the work of a Modern Australian Christian Artist based in Austrailia.  John trained as an Art Teacher and taught for over a decade. Thankfully he is now painting and sharing his work on the web.

Sandra Bowen Unique Christian art that incorporates archaeological references from the Bible, text and language, and worn pages from old-antique Bibles.

Jeffrey Baker Amazing use of bright colors highlight the beauty of the Australian landscape and his love of God.

Tapestry Productions A great Christian art gallery featuring some very talented artists and their paintings and limited reproduction prints.

Christians in the Visual Arts An organization of Christian painters, graphic artists, sculptors, photographers, and even video artists who share their personal attitudes, opinions and faith through modern art. Curating Fine Art Collections of Richard Schmid, Nancy Guzik, George Carlson & Timothy R. Thies.  Oil paintings and Bronze Sculpture

ARC Offering biographical information and high-resolution images of many paintings from the great masters of the 19th century.

The Museum of Biblical Art, is an art museum in Dallas, Texas that is unlike any museum in the world. It has a simple mission: To display art with a Biblical theme. 

Jeremy Lipking California classical realist in oil. Studied at the California Art Institute. Examples of work including figures, allegorical, and landscapes.

Ron Bayens is a painter who specializes in painting warm and insightful child and children portraits.

Carolyn Blish is a Christian watercolorist who specializes in painting scriptural images and scenes depicting children, flowers, the countryside, and the seashore.

Biblical and Religious Art and Music - Christian Iconography and Art

Blick Art Materials - "Blick Ships Quick"

Art and the Bible collected pictures of hundreds of paintings, famous and less famous, and linked them to their corresponding Bible passage - the passage the artist may have read. We've also provided information on the paintings themselves.

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